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* Looking for a job? Sorry! We're not presently hiring but we feel for you -- so we've created a pretty terrific list of local and national job hunting sites.

Wishing you the best! Fainting Goat

608 . 223. 9728

Fainting Goat is Madison Wisconsin's favorite website design company, Dane County, Co + wherever you may be.

But we do more than just high ranking websites, we create: logos, slogans, business cards, letterhead, email stationery, web site analytics, printed and digital advertisements, billboards, vinyl banners, postcards, direct mail.

We work with all types of companies and have a special talent with helping start-ups to launch their own companies. If you're looking for a website with high ranking, we do this all the time -- what good is having a website if nobody can find it?

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Along with designing and developing fantastic websites and other promotional materials, we believe in giving back. Our charity of choice: Singing Rooster who supports Haitian Coffee Farmers by meeting then EXCEEDING principles of fair trade.