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* Looking for a job? Sorry! We're not presently hiring but we feel for you -- so we've created a pretty terrific list of local and national job hunting sites.

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Quick tip:  don't send your resume by MS Word - it's susceptible to viruses & will likely be trashed without having been opened.

Instead, convert it to a PDF using a free and tested software:
PC users will download the software from this link:  http://www.pdf995.com/
Mac users will download the software from this link:   http://www.tucows.com/preview/204632 
After the PDF converter is installed on your computer & your computer has been restarted - open your resume in word & select print.  Instead of printing to your default printer, you'll select PDF 995 if you've installed the PC version or Print To PDF if you installed the Mac version.  This action will create a PDF et viola - your resume may now be actually read!
And don't forget to send along a PDF of your work samples if you're an artist.
Here are some great local and national job-hunting sites:

http://www.madison.com/jobs/ - this is a collection of jobs as advertised in the Wisconsin State Journal & is powered by Yahoo/HotJobs

http://www.bigshoesnetwork.com/ - midwestern reach

http://www.krop.com/ - nationwide reach

But don't pass up on some of these national listing sites:
Talent Zoo
Search jobs in advertising, media and public relations. Plus, use the salary monitor to find out how much money you should be asking for.
Creative Freelancers
Job postings at this Web site cover writers, editors, proofreaders and graphic designers. A smaller site but every now and then you can find a good freelance job here.
This auction-type Web site allows you to bid on various projects. A great site for graphic designers, copywriters and Web developers
Graphic designers, freelance copywriters and Web developers unite! Search this database for both on- and off-site projects.
Career Builder.com
Check out some of their career tips and advice to help you get started with your job search.
Find those advertising jobs at HotJobs.com. Search by keyword in your area or venture to the other side of the country.
This job bank truly is a monster! Monster.com posts hundreds of thousands of jobs in its database.
SunOasis Jobs
If you're a writer, designer or editor, you'll want to visit this site. Search positions in categories like online jobs, freelance projects and region.
TV Jobs
If you're looking to enter the world of television or advance in your broadcasting career, this site is your ultimate resource. They even have a complete list of TV stations with contact names, addresses and phone numbers.
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